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Dark Element is a team of experts with an adversary mindset, skillset and an in-depth understanding of TTPs. Our services are focused on techniques not CVEs.


To defend your enterprise we think like your adversary and respond at machine speed. We provide defense solutions that use our unique knowledge to quickly identify and thwart your adversary.


We work collaboratively to ensure the best possible security posture for your organization. Find out how we can collaborate with your defenders to strengthen your security posture.

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Cyber Security Services

Dark Element specializes in special teams to work with some of the the world's industry-leading companies and security teams.

Offensive Operations

Dark Element specializes in red team engagements, APT threat-modeling, network penetration testing, physical security, and social engineering. We also provide education to some of the world's industry-leading companies and security teams.

Collaborative Solutions

Purple team assessments blend the best of both worlds where offensive capabilities and defensive countermeasures meet in the middle to ensure the best possible security posture for your organization. Find out how we can collaborate with your defenders to strengthen your security posture.

Defensive Strategies

Dark Element focuses on the evaluation, implementation and deployment of modern security architecture, products & solutions. Dark Element truly emulates the mindset of malicious threat actors while ensuring organizations can utilize a tailored and effective defense-in-depth strategy.


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Founder of Dark Element

Meet the Team
About Tyler Robinson

With over 2 decades of experience, Tyler Robinson- Founder of Dark Element specializes in Red Teaming, APT threat modeling, blackbox network penetration testing, and Physical/Social-Engineering.

Tyler has presented at multiple conferences including BSides, DefCon and Blackhat panels, SANS security events and to multiple branches of the military. In Addition to helping teach the DarkSide-Ops and Accessing & Exploiting ICS class at Blackhat.

Tyler has helped the development of a world class offensive security capability, strategy, and programs of Offensive services at several incredible companies such as Silent Break Security, InGuardians, Inc., Nisos, and now Trimarc, directly shaping Offensive operations and research.

Currently, as Managing Director of Offensive Security & Research at Trimarc, Tyler leads a team of high performance security professionals within the offensive security field by simulating sophisticated adversaries, & creating scalable offensive security platforms using the latest techniques as seen in the wild.

A successful cybersecurity approach has multiple layers of protection spread across the computers, networks, programs, or data that one intends to keep safe. In an organization, the people, processes, and technology must all complement one another to create an effective defense from cyber attacks. A unified threat management team can automate integrations and accelerate key security operations functions: detection, investigation, and remediation.

Users must understand and comply with basic data security principles like choosing strong passwords, being wary of attachments in email, and backing up data. Learn more about basic cybersecurity principles.

Organizations must have a framework for how they deal with both attempted and successful cyber attacks. One well-respected framework can guide you. It explains how you can identify attacks, protect systems, detect and respond to threats, and recover from successful attacks.

Technology is essential to giving organizations and individuals the computer security tools needed to protect themselves from cyber attacks. Three main entities must be protected: endpoint devices like computers, smart devices, and routers; networks; and the cloud. Common technology used to protect these entities include next-generation firewalls, DNS filtering, malware protection, antivirus software, and email security solutions.

In today’s connected world, everyone benefits from advanced cyberdefense programs. At an individual level, a cybersecurity attack can result in everything from identity theft, to extortion attempts, to the loss of important data like family photos. Everyone relies on critical infrastructure like power plants, hospitals, and financial service companies. Securing these and other organizations is essential to keeping our society functioning. Everyone also benefits from the work of cyberthreat researchers who investigate new and emerging threats and cyber attack strategies. The Dark Element Team reveals new vulnerabilities, educate the public on the importance of cybersecurity, and strengthen open source tools. Our work makes the Internet safer for everyone.

Your security is our priority.